Gordonians Cricket Club - Selection Convener job description

Selection Convenor (SC)
• To endeavour to uphold the club's website selection policies and procedures (SP&P) - see section 10. of Club info & policies
• To take account of all other relevant club policies and initiatives (see Note) during selection
• To work with all team captains to establish a mutually agreed and documented selection process and clear, timely communication mechanism
• To impress on captains the need to use the club's website availability and selection functions
• To encourage players to use the club's website availability and selection functions via awareness communication & training
• To report weekly to the Club President on all selection matters arising
• To recommend improvements to club selection policies and procedures
• To monitor all registered players are receiving a fair selection opportunity
• To work with the Club Secretary to ensure the club complies with all competition selection rules
It is recognised that the SP&P are rudimentary. As agreed at the 2013 AGM, the SC will guide captains to properly consider the following in selection:
• the imperative to develop juniors and RGC pupils in particular - consider friends playing in same team and proper opportunities to bat, bowl, keep wicket
• aspire towards SP&P that take account of, not just availability, skill set and recent performance, but attendance at practice and behaviour/attitude