Gordonians Cricket Club - Risk Assessment

RISK ASSESSMENT 4/12/13 Paul Gray, Club Secretary

It should be noted that Gordonians Cricket Club (GCC) have no ownership of any facilities other than a part financial interest in the storage shed at Countesswells next to the outdoor nets, and full ownership of the electronic scoreboard and bowling machine stored in the shed.


This is the property of Robert Gordons College and the maintenance of the facilities is the responsibility of the staff employed by the College. The Head Groundsman is responsible for ensuring the safe working conditions of the staff.

At the time of the assessment both cricket pitches and the outfields were in excellent condition other than maintenance work being required on the area on the main square from which the old artificial wicket had been removed. The Wendy House was also in good condition and no risks were identified.

The outdoor nets have suffered storm damage and will require maintenance before being used. The Head Groundsman is aware of this and will rectify.

The storage shed is in good condition but users should note that when the electronic scoreboard is in it, it is cramped, and care should be taken when moving within the shed.

The electronic scoreboard and the bowling machine are in good condition and should pose no risk to users if they follow operating instructions.

The Pavilion, changing areas, showers and kitchen area are in excellent condition and no risks were identified providing they are used in an appropriate manner.

The Car Park next tp the artificial pitch should be used entirely at the risk of the car owners themselves. It is obvious that any car parked there may be at risk of being hit by a cricket ball and GCC accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to cars parked there.


RGU Sport is used for GCC training. It is not designed for cricket practice and does not have cricket nets. Users should pay attention to ensure that they watch the ball in play to ensure they are not hit by the ball.


GCC are not responsible for the risk assessment of away facilities and would expect this to be a consideration of the Home Club. We would however expect our Captains to decline to play if an obvious risk to safety is identified.

If we are a Home side at a ground other than Countesswells, we would expect the body granting the hire to have conducted a risk assessment. Captains should decline to play if an obvious risk to safety is identified and this should be brought to the attention of any ground staff. If no staff are to hand, it should be notified to the Club Secretary who will contact the ground authority.