ASI Gordonians Cricket Club Gordonians 2nd XI squad

Gordonians 2nd XI

Captain : Indy Pandit

Right Hand Bat
Right Arm same'ol shite

Vice Captain : Jamil Shaikh

A Seasonal performer for second X1. First one to enter the nets. A Hard working, committed cricketer always plays the game with a smile on his face.
Stuart Dalgarno
Qualified Coach.
From Fochabers but speaks normal.
Bats and bowls but not sure how well.
Aayush Das
A young leg spinner who will make shane warne look average one day. A handy batsman and a great fielder. committed with cricket .. has a bright future. 
Stephen Devlin
Explosive opening bat
Under used bowler
Keen wicketkeeper
Most likely to sledge
Andrew Dolman
The Dolmanator
Stubborn batsman. When he can be bothered to hit a 4, its the shot of the match
Most likely to get out to the last ball of a match
Change bowler
Amith Gowda
A RIght hand all rounder can smash sixes ,, was born to be a wrestler but somehow became a cricketer. no tea is too big when he is in 11. 
Mohit Khosla
A swift fielder, a handy low order batsman,more importantly a handy slip catcher and a professional sledger. 
Andrew Lowden
Club President
Solid defensive batsman (occasional sixes)
Known as "Lucky" because he is not
AKA "Lej" due to longevity only not career stats
Chamila N Perera
Medium quick bowler who wobbles it around so much its hardly worth walking out to bat against him!
Elegant organised batsman quite capable of kicking on after getting 50.
Another nice guy from Sri Lanka.
Viraj Ramaiya
Right-arm Legspinner, like to give it some air and try to beat the batsman in flight.
Can bat a bit.
Swapnil Rane
A Brilliant all rounder who usually ends up in top 3 batters and bowlers of the SPCU league. A hidden quick bowler in a spinners action. A rapid fielder and quickest runner between the wickets ever seen. 
Jamie Richards
Young quick bowler who makes everyone jump on their feet in nets.
Neil Smith
More likely to drop a bottle of vintage champagne than a catch
Taught Shane Warne all he knows - about batting
Hates being called an International Playboy, prefers the term 'Transcontinental Playboy'
Performance history